Introduction of VEX .

(A Division of Design Accent)
Virtual Events & Exhibitions (VEX) is the Virtual Events Solution developed by Design Accent.
Design Accent is an advertising agency and 360 degrees IT solution provider with the services such as Software Development, Website Design, E-commerce solution, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Apps, Corporate Branding etc.
VEX provides a World Class Virtual experience and features which make an Online Event and Trade Show interesting and offers B2B networking opportunities.
It also provides end to end solutions for Virtual Events and Exhibitions, Virtual Corporate Events and Symposiums and Online training and workshops.
  • Why VEX
  • Solutions Provided by VEX
  • USP of the Platform
Why Vex
  • Cost-Effective Way to Conduct Online Conference
  • Complete Conference & Exhibition Solution on a Turnkey basis
  • Real Time Engagement of the Participants using Audio/Video Chats
  • Live Presentations and Lectures by Speakers remotely from across the Globe
  • Easy to use the platform from either Mobile, Laptop or Tablets
  • User-Friendly Platform without any complex features
  • Opportunity for attendees to participate from any part of the world
  • Measure Turnout, Engagement and ROI of the conference
  • Customizable Virtual Platform
Virtual Events & Exhibitions:
You can organize your event of any scale with live sessions, panel discussions, set up any number of booths with real-time chats, audio, video calls between booth representatives and visitors, a lot of branding opportunities for the sponsors and real-time networking opportunities among the participants.
Online Corporate Meetings and Virtual Award Shows:
Organize your Sales meet, Employees meet. AGMs, dealers meet and interact with them live through Video presentations and interactions. Features such as Polling and Quizzes can help in live voting and audience engagement.
Online Training and Workshops:
Conduct your online workshops and training seamlessly and efficiently to a bigger audience than before. The platform provides the features of picking and registering for the specific workshops and training programs and attend live and interactive workshops. There is an option of On-demand videos also which can be referred to later as well after the event.
Solutions Provided by VEX
Solutions Provided by VEX
Seamless Networking:
Real-time chat, persistent discussion forums and integrated 1:1 video calls enable that hallway track that builds real relationships between the participants and the exhibitors/organizers.
User Friendly:
Easy to navigate 3D layouts for all rooms including the lobby, Auditorium, Parallel Sessions, Exhibition booths etc. VEX supports responsive templates so you can rest assured that your audience will keep up even when they’re on the move via any mobile or tablet device Various templates of the virtual events platform are available to choose from.
Revenue generation/ROI:
Our virtual events platform gives you the power to connect with a global audience and tailor your event to meet your business objectives. The platform provides various opportunities for the sponsors to showcase their brand all across the virtual venue. Exhibitors get a wider spectrum to reach out to their clients not only in their regions but across the globe.
LIVE stream of the sessions or pre recorded on demand videos, private chat rooms with the facility of audio and video calls or public virtual networking; one can be fully engaged throughout the event with a click of a button, literally.
Reports & Analytics:
Our reports show you event registrations, turnout, engagement stats and metrics at a booth level showing you exactly what worked and what didn’t. Detailed analytics at an aggregate and attendee level will be shared such as rooms visited, average video watch time, resources downloaded, chat logs and event feedback.

Support Provided by VEX .

Pre Event
Online Registration page, Customized Landing Page, Virtual Platform Design Options to choose from
During the Event
Branding designs as per the clients’ aesthetics and protocols, Creating Virtual Environments, Chat Options, Live Sessions, full backend support.
Post Event
Detailed Report, Feedback & Analysis.

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Our Features .

Customized Signup Page
Custom Event Landing page
Virtual 3D lobby
Information Counter/ Help Desk with live chat
Exhibition Booths with Live chat, Audio and Video Calls
Auditorium and Breakout Sessions with live and pre recorded streaming
Polls, Q&As during sessions or panel discussions
Networking Lounge
Accessible through Mobile, laptop and tablets
Extensive Event Marketing
ROI for the organizers, exhibitors and sponsors
Security & Scalability
Push Notification
Quizzes & Surveys
On-demand videos
Onsite Technical Support
Analytics & Reporting

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